My paintings are abstract and gestural, with saturated compositions of bright color, blunt mark-making, and erasure. The layering implicit in the process of painting is reflective of an emotional excavation, in which memories, experiences, and references are built up over time, calcified, and later broken down. Recently, for the first time in twenty years, I have begun to make figurative, narrative paintings. They are autobiographical and literal in a way my work has never been. I am now making paintings about the blending of families. I am using the bed as a vessel for this story. The bed is a simple rectangular shape, echoing the canvas. It is the furniture itself, and a space for sleeping, dreaming, lying awake, children coming in, dogs, post coital lounging, intimacy - all of the moments and budding relationships in this new family happening in the darkness, in the clearly demarcated space of my bed. The breakdown and building up of families is at the core of all of our subconsciousness; these moments critically form who we are, and we carry them with us until death.

At the same time I am painting abstractions of flowers. Historically flowers are often portrayed on a smaller scale, in a vase, and framed generously by the canvas. They have been contained. I think women are taught from childhood to contain themselves - their emotions, their intellect, and their physicality. There is a corrective moment that happens when one realizes this is not actually a necessary part of being a woman. For a long time I have wanted to paint huge flowers that press against the edges of the canvas, wild and untethered. These are flowers in their natural states, not picked. They are loose, vibrant, and barely resembling flowers.

There is a passage of time implicit in the working of these paintings, which is built up and then removed, revealing buried color and form. These paintings have a specificity as well as a universality that make them emotionally open. Through a loose, raw, and immediate painting language I am excavating my emotional and narrative experience, sharing my own intimacies and trying to convey the enormity of it all, through the darkness of night and churning colors of flowers.